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The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga. Georg Feuerstein 2000

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Here is an authentic portrayal of a rich and complex spiritual tradition of India. The over two thousand entries cover Yoga's history, its many approaches, schools, teachers, scriptures, as well as its technical terminology. The book is arranged and written in a manner that will inform rather than overwhelm the lay reader, while at the same time offering valuable references for the professional researcher and the historian of religion.

The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga offers the following features:

   •  Each entry has cross-references providing pertinent conceptual links
   •  Entries are in English alphabetical order, unlike comparable reference works that follow Sanskrit alphabetical order, which is difficult for the lay reader to follow
   •  Orientational entries provide an overview of central aspects of the Yoga tradition, such as history, psychology, and major branches
   •  Many entries cite or even quote original sources, shedding light on how a given term is used by traditional Yoga authorities

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